Hi I’m Erik, and I’m a designer from Ohio who now resides in beautiful Portland, Oregon. My design experiences in ad agencies in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Oregon have allowed me to hone my skills while working with a variety of clients, from international financial corporations to friends who have decided to turn their dreams to reality and start their own businesses.

I specialize in working with businesses and individuals to bring high level ideas to life through visual design and user experience. Whether it’s creating social media graphics to drive user engagement with a brand, or mapping out the user flow for subscribing to AI generated email ideas, my goal for every project is to create a true partnership between business owners and design so that the end users get the best possible product or experience.

Ultimately, I love what I do, and love to work with people who are equally as passionate about their ideas. If that sounds like you, then please let me know how we can partner together on the next big idea!